Friday, May 6, 2011

What I Did 365 - Day 173

On Saturday we had the pleasure of seeing two friends, Chris and Danielle, get married! I love weddings, and I have to say that Danielle was probably the most elegant bride I've ever seen! Plus, you can't go wrong marrying a guy called Chris in my opinion! As usual, Chris and I couldn't help reflecting on the whole process of getting married as we sat there next to each other. A few months ago I posted a wistful little reflection about how I miss the new-ness that comes after a wedding, and I have decided to upgrade those thoughts. Yes, those 'firsts' after getting married are exhilarating - waking up next to each other, moving in with each other, going on holiday together - and I miss that light-headed excitement, and waiting for it to sink in that it's all real. But in the last two-ish years since Chris and I had our wedding, we've grown and formed a freaking amazing marriage, and I'm so appreciative of the place we're in. As fun as those newlywed firsts are, the last two years of finding our pace has been so much better. Isn't marriage cool?! It's actually a more amazing journey than you can even fathom at the beginning...

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