Thursday, May 5, 2011

What I Did 365 - Day 141

Thank goodness for helpful little sisters with too much time on their hands and a big love for painting!!! Last Monday night, the walls were finally prepped to Chris's satisfaction and we were able to peel open the paint buckets and get started! Oh, the shenanigans involved with painting. Before even picking up a brush, Steph had paint smeared up her arm. And while sugar-soaping, I managed to not only stumble backwards onto a paint tray and coat my foot with Blush Mauve, but also absent-mindedly dip my sponge and hands into the bucket of paint instead of the bucket of soapy water. Good grief. Because we're ripping up the floors we opted not to put down a drop sheet, but in retrospect we probably should have! I think Chris had to choke back man-tears when he got home from his soccer game to find puddles of wet paint smeared all over the floor, and nothing to do except wait for it to dry before the dogs came inside. Yep, some lessons were learned that evening. But excitingly, I now have 2 beautiful walls that aren't the horrific rental-beige that the previous owners slathered all the way down from the cornices to the skirting boards! Small steps!

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