Friday, December 28, 2012

Coming in 2013... a different kind of 365

Hey guys... am I the queen of dropping off the blogosphere or what? I mean, it doesn't really matter or anything. It's just been a while, and I have clearly not kept my end of the bargain when it comes to posting weekly recipes. Ahem. Life, hey?

Anyway, with only a few days left for 2012 I wanted to take the opportunity to let you know my plans for 2013. Some of you might remember that through 2010-2011 I started a 365 project which I blogged about - I got up to 264 days (I think?) before getting distracted and giving up. Lame. Since then, I've been itching to try again. The project helped to inspire me to pull my camera out more regularly, kept me blogging constantly, and gave me a way to look back and remember the wonderful little things that would most likely be forgotten about months later. It helped me realize that the key to happiness can simply be to notice and enjoy the little things.

Next year, I'm embarking on a 365 project that I'm calling Healthy Girl 365. Anybody who knows me at all doesn't need to read this blog post to know that my lifestyle is anything but healthy - I have plenty of weight to lose, I don't exercise, I don't take care of my skin or hair, in fact I don't take care of myself at all. I severely want to, but although I've attempted to sort myself in the past nothing has stuck.

I've been developing this idea and making plans for the last couple of months. To be honest I wasn't sure whether I even wanted to document it all publicly, but what the heck hey? The point of my 365 is to keep me accountable, and to document the changes I'm making. If it helps one of my friends start making their own changes, or if it helps someone understand me a little better, then that's even better. It won't just be a collection of photos of vegetables, fruit and running shoes - I'll be making sure that each month I include a self portrait, a commitment to give up something (in January I'm giving up coffee. Aaauuurrggghhh!), a commitment to a new habit, and at least one healthy recipe/snack idea, as well as smaller day-to-day things. Of course there'll be days where all I can think of posting will be another photo of a footpath while I'm out on a run, but I'll give it as much variety as possible.

Throughout this project I'll be researching for ideas to keep the project going, but I'm also going to welcome suggestions from my friends - if you have a healthy habit that you swear by, please message me and let me know! I want to finish the year as someone who is committed to her health - and I'm not just talking about losing weight.

So that's where I'm at, guys! Bring on January 1st!