Monday, May 9, 2011

So Cute It Hurts!

I'm currently at my parents' house 'studying' in their beautiful spacious dining room! I'm shivering a little because I left my cardigan out in the car, and there ain't no way I'm picking up my lazy butt to go get it!! The solution? I'll imagine that I'm snuggling up to one (or all!) of these!!!

These adopt-able little fuzzy butts are available at Zygopsyche - possibly my newest favourite shop! And hey, if any of my friends out there were thinking about randomly gifting me with something that will make me smile - I'm pretty sure I overheard little Razzie up there begging me to send him on his way to warm, sunny Australia! Just putting the word out there on his behalf! *wink*

.... OK but seriously! He's perfection!

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