Thursday, May 19, 2011

What I Did 365 - Day 189

Curtis! Hey buddy! To most people, the closest they will ever get to Curtis Stone is by watching him on TV. But he also happens to be my shopping buddy. He greets me at Coles when I shop after work, and tells me that in order to cook like a Master Chef cooks, I need to shop where a Master Chef shops. Handy info, no?
So as I've been harping and harping, I currently can't cook. But on Monday we decided to push ourselves and make burgers for dinner. This involved a lot of tricky man-handling of the BBQ as it was stuck in/under/around a whole heap of stuff. But it was worth it. The highlight of the experience for me though? Grocery shopping. Being greeted by Mr Stone's life-size cardboard cut-out, picking up my little black basket, trawling the meat section for pre-made patties... I actually glanced over at the deli and thought "Oh! Just look at all the beautiful fresh food!" I miss cooking, people. I miss doing a big grocery shop, loading up my fridge, and then creating beautiful, exciting meals. It turns out I don't just love great food... I also love the process of creating great food. Self discovery of the day!

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