Thursday, May 19, 2011

What I Did 365 - Day 190

Amongst all of the busy-ness of life at home lately, it also happens to be crunch-time at uni. I have four assignments due next week. Four! One of which I haven't even started yet... stress stress stress! During my break at uni this week I decided to clear my head and treat myself to a burger at Burger Edge (around the corner from campus), with a side of glorious golden onion rings. Drool. Definitely a brilliant lunch! I then finished it off with half-price waffles at Gelare next door (it's a Tuesday special). Sheesh. I felt like exploding all the way through my next class, but it was a fun little food expedition, and it must have powered my brain because I managed to write 200 words on an assignment while I finished off those waffles... Woop! I just can't wait till this time next week, when it's all over for the semester...

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