Thursday, May 5, 2011

What I Did 365 - Day 158

Icky. Look at that carpet. Eww. OK, now let's focus on the fun in this picture - my insane tie-dyed legs! Woop! A few weeks ago I happily discovered We Love Colors, and am vowing myself to be a regular customer! Australia hasn't quite gotten into the coloured tights trend which is a crying shame! Thankfully, my problem is now solved and I can shop to my heart's content for tights in EVERY colour of the rainbow! On Friday my incredibly-anticipated order arrived, and my heart leapt! I know that these rainbow coloured ones aren't exactly practical, but I couldn't resist them. Who knows, there'll be some kind of fun occasion for me to pull them out I'm sure! I also purchased some more practical colours - charcoal, brown, and a gorgeous minty green that will look so lovely with a white dress! Now that I know I'm happy with their tights, I definitely plan on heading back there sometime soon before Winter hits to splurge on a few more *less practical* colours! Woooo tights!

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