Sunday, May 15, 2011

What I Did 365 - Day 183

I title this one "Sweet Procrastination". As I've mentioned before, Tuesday is my day at uni. Last Tuesday I went to my 8am class and then decided to skip the next one (my 12-2pm class). With a whole heap of time up my sleeve, I made the mature decision to head to my parents' and catch up on some assignment work, distraction-free. Yeah, so that didn't happen. I tried for a while to work on my assignments (4 of them, all due within 2 days of each other) but ultimately the pull of procrastination won me over. Tuesday's procrastination tool was baking! Steph and I decided to bake a big batch of honey jumbles, but when it came time to make the icing we discovered that the task of beating eggs just wasn't possible as Mum's mix-master was out of action! Oh noes! Luckily we whipped up a batch of experimental icing laced with far too much food colouring, and decided to top it off with the array of sprinkles that Mum had in the pantry. Our honey jumbles were now more like a 4-year-old's birthday party! Win! After the huge effort of baking and decorating I also ended up skipping my 5-8pm class too. Erm... yeah. Just because I enjoy being a student, doesn't mean I'm always super good at it!!!!

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