Monday, May 30, 2011

What I Did 365 - Day 200

Ain't she pretty?! She might be waaaaayyyyy out of my price range (like, more expensive than our new dining table is going to be!) but nobody can stop me gawking at her. Chris and I hit about 10 different furniture places on Friday - he had the day off to deal with our plumber, and I had the day off because my office decided to close (woop!) so we tore up the town. We bought nothing, but we looked and looked and looked. I actually got sick of furniture shops. Our last stop was the beautiful Empire which I knew would be way too pricey, but I couldn't resist taking a wistful look. And that's where I fell in love with the chair above. It's OK, I'm wise enough not to even try and justify putting it on layby. I like my money too much. But if I was richer, Miss Yellow Chair would be coming home with me for sure. Anyway. Gush gush gush. You get it. Furniture is fun. Let's move on.
Friday evening was spent back at Roxby (for the second time in a week!) with a bunch of girls - some of which I haven't seen in sooooo long! It was a fun night of chatting and catching up, but my day of furniture shopping ended up getting the better of me and sending me home by about 9.30! Whew.

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  1. ANNNND I want this chair.

    Imagine having another one with it in turquoise and another in purple!!