Friday, May 6, 2011

What I Did 365 - Day 174

There's a party in my apron and you're all invited!!! Hahaha. Come on, I had to go somewhere with the seedy grandma face! So Sunday night was the season 3 launch of a little show called Master Chef. No big deal... except it's the greatest show on the planet! It inspires me big-time. I was this close to sending in my application (I spent like 2 days making it perfect!) - not because I think I'm a good enough cook, but on the off chance that if I did get through, I would have the most amazing cooking experience of my life! In the end I was too chicken - I definitely have a long way to go with my cooking skills, and I am OK with that. Chris and I headed over to my family's to cook up a Master Chef Launch Dinner Party. Soooo gooooood. It was kinda heavenly cooking in an amazingly well equipped chicken, with a gas cook top. Oh, my heart! So what was on the menu?
- Mum's roast potatoes
- Steamed asparagus
- Sticky date pudding (lovingly referred to as Sticky Tape Pudding in my family)
Oh, how we ate. And watched Master Chef. Which was almost as good as the food. Ha. I'm just so excited it's back! Master Chef brings me those feelings of snuggling up on our suede couches, listening to the rain and eating broccoli and cheese soup or chilli con carne. It's the greatest Winter activity ever!
My only complaint is that thanks to the amount of garlic, oil and wine consumed on Sunday, not much sleeping occurred in our house. That was kind of annoying. Even worse when three out of six of us (myself included) got up feeling pretty darn ill. Ah, the sacrifices we make for rich food hey?

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