Thursday, December 1, 2011


Well, Summer is officially here. I have a bittersweet relationship with Summer. If Summer were a person, I would spend my time avoiding her because I can't stand her in all her hotness. But inevitably I would end up at some party, minding my own business, when people all around me start exclaiming "Summer is coming! Summer is almost here! Ohhhh look! It's Summer!" Then Summer would arrive, and her adoring fans would get deliriously happy about how hot she is and I would grumble and groan because Summer is not, nor will she ever be, my friend. But inevitably, I would also get a little bit sucked in by Summer. I would laugh at her jokes and begrudgingly be psyched that she brought grapes and cherries and mangoes with her. My friends and I would inevitably create the kind of memories together that only Summer can bring. And while I will be the first person to ecstatically wave her off when she decides to leave the party, and I can get back to my love of all things cold and rainy, I can accept that Summer brings some pretty unique things to the party that nobody else does quite as well.
So these are the things that I am thanking Summer for:
- Christmas. The greatest thing in the world!
- Grapes, cherries and mangoes
- BBQs and salads
- Sunshine into the night (now if we could just get daylight savings like the rest of the world...)
- Public holidays
- Shorts, dresses and wedges
- No mud being trudged all over our white floor tiles!
- Herb gardening
- Iced coffees
- Chilling in the aircon
- Sun tanning (not that I ever get much, but, you know...)
- Date nights on the foreshore
- Icecream
- Brunch
- My birthday
- Cocktails

When Summer rolls around each year, these things get me through the sweating and the painfully hot car seats. Just. But talk to me in February and I'll tell you that I'm ready to smack Summer right in the mouth. Now if you'll excuse me, I'm off to enjoy a morning of eating grapes and decorating for Christmas!!!!