Sunday, May 8, 2011

What I Did 365 - Day 179

We are nothing if not dramatic! Last week we had arranged that our tiling (and more serious renovating process) would be happening in the next three weeks or so, giving us plenty of time to prepare. On Friday, our amazing tiler (who also happens to be our neighbour!) let us know that he'd had a client postpone and could start Monday! Soooo exciting - but blimey! So much prep to squeeze into the weekend! The photo above documents our daunted faces. As worried as we were that we wouldn't get everything done in time... sometimes it's great to have that kick in the butt to get things happening. Tiling ain't an easy process - because we're tiling like half our house, we're now living out of our garage. The fridge, the washing machine and various cupboards are all residing out there. Fun fun fun. But I did hear them chattering excitedly about moving back in and dancing on the new tiles. So we're all winners in the end.

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