Saturday, May 14, 2011

What I Did 365 - Day 181

Belated, but I'm finally blogging about Mother's Day! I way blame Blogger for this - I was all set to blog my heart out on Friday and do a big old catch-up on my 365s, but Blogger had other ideas and was down for maintenance basically all day and then all night as well! Oh well. Here I am now anyway, playing a game of catch-up between assignment work.
Mother's Day  was a big one for us! We spent the morning emptying out our kitchen and laundry. Goodbye washing machine. Goodbye fridge. Goodbye oven and cook top. Goodbye trestle table that we were washing dishes on. Then we went to have a delicious lunch of finger food with Chris's family. It was a lovely, cruisey afternoon and Susan (Chris's Mum) really went nuts with all the food she put out! Yum yum yum!
The evening was spent at my parents', enjoying delicious Hans Cafe (pseudo-Thai food) in front of Master Chef (naturally)! Overall, an excellent day with our families, and incredibly productive at home as we prepped for our tiler (and great neighbour!) to get started. Whew.

Oh, and the photo above is me and my Mum. While we've been doing it tough this week, she's taken such amazing care of us - dog-sitting, cooking meals, doing laundry, running our dishes through her dishwasher... those household chores that you take for granted until you lose the functionality of your kitchen and laundry! Bring on the end of this renovation!

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