Sunday, November 27, 2011

The Art of Remembering

Hi there! I've been pretty quiet on this blog lately, as people have started to remind me. Sorry! I think my 365 is starting to bum me out - I let it get soooo far behind that it's getting harder and harder to write about the photos that I took all those months ago. Depressing that at the tender age of 25, my brain is forgetting the very details of day-to-day life that I set out to remember by taking on this project! When I was a kid, we travelled to America a few times. Those were some of the greatest times of my life! My Mum got us in the habit of keeping a travel journal from day 1, but being a kid I'd sometimes go for a while without writing anything in it. Then weeks after the trip, I'd finally pick up my travel journal and start writing in it again - back-logging all of my memories and writing about each day as if it had only just happened. It didn't matter that a whole month had passed, I still remembered what we did, what we saw, what we ate on every single day. I still remembered the name of the tiny little towns we stopped in on our road trip, and I knew every event in chronological order, too. Crazy right?! A couple of months ago I noticed that I would come into work on a Monday, and someone would ask what I did over the weekend, and for the life of me I couldn't remember! I would have to think hard before remembering a hen's night, brunch with friends, dinner dates. I mean, wow. These things are the highlights of my days, and yet they escape my immediate recollection so easily. What's with that? Crazy cakes, that's what it is.

So those are the thoughts that I leave you with. I hope that you can relate on some level. Otherwise I'm clearly losing my mind!!!

Insanely Beautiful Shoes: Poetic Licence

For something completely different, I'm going to babble on about shoes. Recently I've discovered my new favourite shoe brand - Poetic Licence. Each one of their shoes is like a pretty little fairy tale for your feet. But I'll let them do some talking for themselves...

Two things I love: my dogs, and pretty shoes. Do you ever wonder if maybe a brand was designed exactly for you??? Love!

Thursday, November 24, 2011

What I Did 365 - Day 264

I think you know by now that I'm a cold-weather fiend. What can I say? Nothing beats a wet, Wintery day!  I think that my values have influenced those of my little golden curly boy, too! Truthfully, Cupcake adores any opportunity to snuggle and the cold weather really lends itself to that purpose. This was one of the cutest snuggling moments of all time. What a baby...!

What I Did 365 - Day 263

Here we have it friends... photographic evidence that I shouldn't be left to my own devices and trusted to shop alone. I'm a chronic impulse buyer! Everything that you see in my shopping basket is an impulse purchase. I'm pretty sure that on the day I snapped this, I was just ducking into the shops to get some salad, but as you can see, I came out with strawberries, croissants, a baguette, crispy noodles... oh my. Delicious haul, but you can bet that I also would have forgotten the items that I originally sought too. Sigh. I should point out that I'm not normally quite this bad with impulse buying, hence my decision to deem it a photograph-worthy moment. Oh, and looking at this picture seriously makes me miss tights-weather, and also those pink shoes because they have since shredded themselves. First world problems.

What I Did 365 - Day 262 *better late than never...?*

I can't tell you what I was cooking on this occasion, but I can tell you that it was obviously delicious - based on the amount of thyme I clearly threw into it. How great is thyme? It has such a... cozy taste! It's one of my favourite herbs to eat, and also to grow because you can neglect it for months and find that it's doubled in size! Yay thyme!