Thursday, May 5, 2011

What I Did 365 - Day 146

Ha! I love this picture! Amy was very generous on Sunday after our Paradox gathering, and let Kat and I go nuts on her bizarrely style-able hair and... this was the result! 1990s-style spikes! Sunday was, in general, one of those spontaneous fun days. We all decided to head out to the foreshore for lunch, and from there Amy & Aimee invited me back to their place to hang out (so excited that Amy has moved down our way recently!!!!!) It was so fulfilling just bumming around and chilling with these girls. Amy and I scrutinised a Novo shoes catalogue (what's with peep-toe boots this season?!?!) and Aimee showed me dozens of beautiful paint swatches she's been flicking through lately. So cruisey, and so great. I love opportunities to spend time with Paradox girls. They're a good bunch!

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