Saturday, May 7, 2011


I'm going to take the opportunity of Mothers Day to tell you how amazing my Mum is. She's a person who I will always look up to, and whom I go to for advice almost on a daily basis. We've always had a great relationship, even when I was a less-than-sparkling teenager. I never understood when my friends at school vented about the daily fights they were having with their Mums, and I was horrified to imagine speaking about my Mum in the cruel, nasty way they sometimes spoke about theirs. Our family respected and believed in each other, and we were always honest about everything. Mum (and Dad!) raised us the way that I plan on raising our kids some day. Mum and I usually see each other once a week, and we talk on the phone at least every second day. She looks out for us, cooking us meals each week while our kitchen's compromised, and baby-sitting our crazy dogs during days where lots of work is being done on the house. She sees needs in people, and she fills them - sometimes with some sacrifice to herself. She's amazing, and I love her so so much.

This last year has been incredibly tough on my Mum - she's been in and out of hospital and various surgeries, for weeks at a time sometimes. It's been a horrible rollercoaster, but Mum has battled hard and kept strong (even when she hasn't felt strong at all). I'm so incredibly proud of her, and more thankful than ever to have her as such a huge part of my life. She's truly my best friend, and my angel.

I love you Mum. Happy Mothers Day to the greatest Mum on the planet!!!

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