Sunday, May 15, 2011

What I Did 365 - Day 184

I love receiving packages in the mail! Thanks to my recent online shopping habits, this has been happening more and more often lately. On Wednesday I was stoked to receive my 2nd order from We Love Colors. I was absolutely in love with the tights I received from my first order, so these brought me much delight! I'm starting to accrue quite the collection of hues for my legs, which is perfect timing because the weather is getting cooler and cooler! If anyone out there is thinking about purchasing from We Love Colors, I can't recommend them enough. The tights are durable and lovely, their international shipping fees are extremely decent and they are pretty fast at getting orders out. Oh, and their style blog is completely fun and inspirational for styling ideas, and I've discovered a bunch of cute fashion bloggers through it! Winning all around.

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