Wednesday, May 25, 2011

What I Did 365 - Day 197

"You better not buy anything...!"

Hahaha. Poor Chris. Any time that I mention the word "shop", this is the response I get! I think it's fair. I've certainly been on plenty of spending sprees lately.
Anyway! Yesterday was my last day of uni for the semester - I'm giddily excited!!! I had mentioned to my family the night before that I would be celebrating with a chip roll at George's Kebabs - a kebab place on campus that has won all of our hearts. Chris, who used to study at Curtin and is well-versed on the deliciousness of George's, got a sad little puppy dog look on his face. It felt awkward not to invite him! Tehehe. It was actually really nice, having my man come out to see me and indulge in a chip roll. There's just something so tasty about a chip roll with chicken salt, a bit of cheese, and a mountain of lettuce!! Chris also added bacon and BBQ sauce to his. Mmmm. It was the perfect last-day-at-uni lunch... and then as a bonus, my last class (which normally runs from 5-8pm) finished by 6.30! Win! Now I'm back to full-time hours at work, and my evenings and weekends are mine! All mine!

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