Tuesday, May 24, 2011

What I Did 365 - Day 194

Alright... I've been holding out on you. I've never mentioned the teeny tiny fact that I have a twin bro. It's just never come up. And he's sort of embarrassing. We don't hang out as such. Every now and then he just shows up for a night, tears up the town, then disappears again. One thing I will say for him is that he's always had a killer mullet!
OK. Lies. That's me up there. Yes, it's a somewhat strange alter-ego but it works for me! Haha. Saturday night was my pretty friend Kristin's hen's night! And we all dressed up as men for the occasion, as you do. The thing is, I have way too much fun putting my man on! Tehehe. I enjoy the shock value, and I enjoy making my friends laugh. Plus there's something so entertaining in pulling on Chris's "Chick Magnet" T-shirt, stuffing a cushion under it to form the world's greatest beer gut, and throwing a high-vis vest over the top for good measure. I know, it's strange, but fun can be found in some crazy places!

Possibly the only down-side to my costume was that it was too bogan for the Belgian Beer Cafe, and I was asked to remove my high-vis vest before entering the establishment. Sigh.

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