Sunday, May 15, 2011

What I Did 365 - Day 187

"That's why you'll always find him in the kichen at parties" - technically not true. You'll always find Chris playing poker at a table full of like-minded gentlemen at parties, but I needed an excuse to put that bleeping annoying song in your head! (See the Ikea ad at the bottom of this post if there are some dots that need connecting. I work on assumptions sometimes). Now I know it looks like I've neglected to flip the photo above around the right way, but if you look closely you'll see that it's actually perfectly correct. Chris is clearly 'hanging about' at Ikea, checking out a kitchen display from a whole new perspective. I'm just kidding. Ikea currently have on display a fully upside-down kitchen! Pretty cool! My long-suffering husband agreed to pose so that I could properly document this phenomenon. And then I flipped the picture upside down for good measure. Anyway, needless to say we didn't travel all the way out to Ikea just to take photos with their upside-down kitchen, as wonderful a novelty as it was! We were there strictly on business. The business of renovating! (Are you sick of that word yet? I AM!!!!!) We managed to purchase every last bit of our kitchen on this particular trip to Ikea. It was such a huge achievement! The only downside being that we were there for almost 4 hours finalising things with the kitchen department. Funny, naive things we are - we actually imagined the trip was going to be fairly quick and easy. Or maybe that was just me. Chris lost his faith in Ikea a long time ago, before most of you were even born! Ha. I'm rambling. That's probably because thinking about Ikea makes me delirious now. Just watch the ad:

Fun fact: they play the full version of this song (and video) on a loop beside the upside-down kitchen. Just to ensure that the song is stuck in your head for the entire time that you're shopping.

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