Sunday, January 6, 2013

Healthy Girl 365, Day 6 - An Eating Out Challenge!

One thing that I find super-tough about trying to live healthily is eating out. I'm a total foodie, and the temptation to pick the biggest, most indulgent-sounding meal on the menu always overcomes me. I'm not one to order salads, or grilled fish with steamed vegetables, or vegetable medleys. And as I said the other day, it's OK to indulge once in a while without hurting your health. Last night I went to a wedding and I ate exactly what I wanted (though I was careful to eat a light breakfast and lunch in preparation). Today I had lunch in the Swan Valley with some amazing ladies, and I was faced with a pretty exquisite menu - chicken saltimbocca, lamb in puff pastry, creamy pasta... I was drooling. But I was also conscious of the fact that everyone knew I was on a health kick, plus I'd had an indulgent meal the night before, so I found the strength to order the bruschetta. Now, it came out with feta and pancetta and shaved parmesan, but not a large amount of any of these so I was happy with my choice (it totally fit into my Weight Watchers points for the day). Also, it was served on two chunky pieces of white bread but I'm not at the stage where I'm avoiding white bread yet!! No, this wasn't the most exciting meal on the menu but it was tasty, and after I'd finished eating it, what did that matter? The meal was finished, and I was just as satisfied as I would have been if I'd ordered the creamy pasta (but much less bloated-feeling).

I can definitely see eating out to be an area that I need to be very disciplined in, so I'm counting today's lunch as a win. This evening I've been googling ideas for choosing healthy meals at restaurants and found this article pretty good - it includes a basic list at the bottom of healthy and not-so-healthy options for a variety of cuisines.

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