Thursday, January 10, 2013

Healthy Girl 365, Day 10 - A Refreshing Summer Drink

Tonight's dinner was pretty basic - french toast with asparagus - so for a treat I asked Chris to whip me up a soda lime and bitters. He's the drink mixin' man of the house. I love lemon lime and bitters, but lemonade has so much sugar - this is a great alternative that I've just started getting into. A glass of soda water with a splash of lime juice cordial, a shake of bitters and a handful of ice... perfect! I love a good refreshing drink in Summer. If you struggle with drinking enough water in the day, this is one way you can mix it up and still get a glass of water in, though obviously you should also drink plenty of water without the extra ingredients. This month I do actually plan to commit to drinking more water - more on that early next week!

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