Friday, January 11, 2013

Healthy Girl 365, Day 11 - Walkies!

Happy Friday everyone! Just a quick post this evening. Today we capped off a heck of a work week with a Donovan family walk. Walking (and running!) is so much more fun with these boys! It was the perfect way to end this mild-weathered Friday. My heart is happy.

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  1. Hi Klara!

    You might enjoy the bookazine that I have - 'Running for Beginners' (everything you need to know to get started with running with over 200 expert hints and tips).

    Today's tip that I tried out: a combination of running and walking around Lake Monger. With ipod handy, I ran for one ipod song, and walked for one ipod song . . . until I'd covered the 3.5km. :)