Thursday, January 17, 2013

Healthy Girl 365, Day 17 - It's Incidental!

Ha! Yep, I'm cool. My shadow is all "peace, dude". Today I wanted to talk to you about incidental exercise. It shouldn't be used to replace a good 30-minute work-out or walk, but it helps prevent laziness and gets you moving. Chris and I work for the same company but across two different offices, which are about a block apart from each other. Walking between offices is actually quite nice - there's a footpath with lots of leafy trees. So today when I finished my work-day and it was time to leave, instead of getting Chris to come pick me up in the car, I decided to walk to him. It was the perfect weather for it - a nice super-mild Summer day!
Incidental exercise is all about finding ways to push yourself to move a little more in your day-to-day dealings. Parking in the spot furthest from the shops. Taking the stairs instead of the elevator. Walking to a co-worker's desk to ask them something, rather than picking up the phone. We've heard them all before, and while they're not big-time calorie burners, they're all good ways to combat sluggishness and get a little more activity into your day. How can you grab some incidental exercise??

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