Friday, January 11, 2013

Healthy Girl 365, Day 12 - Stir Fry Saves the Day!

OK, it's probably going a bit of a stretch to say that this stir fry is day-saving BUT it sure was handy today. I'm going to a friend's house for dinner tonight - this friend is a freaking amazing cook at the best of times, and tonight she's putting up a Mexican feast! Mexican would have to be my favourite cuisine. I'm acting pretty cool, but I'm sooooo super excited for tonight! I do plan on being smart and not blowing out with huge portions, but I also plan on enjoying the amazing food on offer. Who enjoys having a friend over for a meal only for that friend to eat like a bird in the name of dieting? Nobody! So, knowing that I'm going to be indulging tonight, I opted for pre-damage-control options for the rest of the day. Breakfast was fruit and tea, and lunch was a vegetable stir fry - packed with capsicum, snow peas, pak choy, onion and bean sprouts. I added some Chang's Long-Life noodles and splashed in a bit of ketjap manis, hoi sin, sweet chilli and vegetable stir fry sauce for lots of flavour. You could even remove the noodles altogether and it would still be a pretty tasty dish! So, having eaten healthily today, I'm ready to enjoy myself tonight pretty much guilt-free!

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