Saturday, January 19, 2013

Healthy Girl 365, Day 19 - There's an App For That!

Today I wanted to share a pretty brilliant app with you! A couple of friends put me onto this during our weekly Saturday morning walks, and this morning I downloaded it for myself and was pretty chuffed with it! The app is Lorna Jane and it's free! Basically you use it to track distance and time when you go for a walk, run or cycle. Plus, it lets you know how many calories you're burning based on your height, weight and activity type. Pretty spiffy! The screenshot above is from our walk today. I'm really excited that I can now compare my times each week!
I like the idea of sharing useful apps on my blog occasionally. Yay apps!


  1. How do you measure your step length? I've got mine set at 90cm but it's just a guess.

  2. Hi Mark
    This particular app uses GPS to calculate distance, rather than steps :)