Monday, January 14, 2013

Healthy Girl 365, Day 14 - Yeah, He's Good...

Today was my birthday and it was wonderful. I love my birthday - it's the best excuse to spend heaps of time with those I adore, and generally I get to do what I want all day. Yep, I'm one of those birthday girls who makes sure to take the day off work and plan things that will make me happy. Today that meant going to Sayers for breakfast, getting my hair done and having a make-your-own gourmet burger night at my parents' with my whole family and my besties! And then, there were the presents. The amazing presents. I guess I kind of struggle with materialism a bit! Today I just loved everything that was given to me - each and every present was so beautiful and thought-out. I love that my friends and family know me so well! Anyway, I brought up presents just now because my incredible husband outdid himself this year - aside from a brand new laptop and a big set of new pyrex dishes, he also gave me some gifts to encourage me in my new fitness journey - wrist weights, little dumbbells and a yoga mat and block. Chris is an amazing gift giver, and I am so excited to start using these! Major husband points, as always... what a keeper!

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  1. that is lovely! :)

    glad you had a great day xo