Tuesday, June 28, 2011

What I Did 365 - Day 217

I don't know if I've mentioned this already (Ha. Ha-ha.) but I'm a huge Master Chef fan! It's actually the only TV show that I watch via the actual TV. It all started last year with Season 2. Having never seen Season 1 (as we didn't have TV reception the year before) I tuned in and my mind was blown! I honestly credit Master Chef with my enthusiasm for cooking and trying new things. Last Season, Marion was my absolute favourite because she did crazy things like put fish sauce in a dessert and got away with it. I was devastated when she left the show! So a couple of weeks ago I was pretty stoked when, trotting the aisles at Spud Shed, I stumbled upon Marion's much-anticipated packet meal range! I know I said, like, 5-ish posts ago that I'm a food snob, and I don't use packet mixes or meals. Well, for Marion I was willing to make an exception. I'll be doing a proper review later but basically - this ain't just a packet meal base kids. All the ingredients are real, and instead of the usual packet of flavoury dusty stuff that comes standard with packet meal bases, she includes a sachet of actual herbs and spices, including a couple of whole chillies. Mmmm it was delicious AND easy to prepare! I did take lots of pics of the process so once I'm all caught up with my 365s (ha!) I'll be sure to post that review.

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