Friday, June 24, 2011

What I Did 365 - Day 212

Guy Sebastian has been accompanying me to work lately. Isn't that nice? Even though he's very busy and has places to go, people to see, he takes the time to sing me all the acoustic versions of his greatest hits as I drive to work in the morning, and again when I drive home at the end of the day. Ha. OK. You got me. It's a CD. I wasn't sure that you would recognise it, seeing as it's apparently just another form of outdated, obsolete technology these days. I happen to love CDs. My car is filled with them - well, burnt copies anyway. I have too many friends who've had their amazing original CD collections stolen from their cars. Lame. Anyway, it's  been a lot lovelier listening to Guy every day rather than tuning into breakfast radio. Ugh.

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