Saturday, June 4, 2011

What I Did 365 - Day 207

Cooking geek alert! Last night was the ultimate reward for reaching the (almost) end of the kitchen renovation - I did the weekly meal plan and shopping list, for the first time in about a month! Eeeeeeee! I've been teased for the fact that I plan our meals all in advance for the week. Also as you can see, my shopping list is a little bit over-the-top organised, with headings such as Fruit/Veg, Cold, Other Foods, etc. Ha. I lack organisation in a lot of areas, but in things that excite me (such as cooking), I'm actually kind of amazing. Sometimes when I'm particularly happy about all my planned meals and the exciting meals I'm going to cook, I'll read it all out to Chris. I don't think he really listens, but it's fun for me to verbally express my excitement through a means other than talking to myself like a crazy person. This week's menu plan is pretty killer, with a bunch of new recipes to try as well as a couple of favourites thrown in. Yay cooking! I'm so in my element in the kitchen!

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