Saturday, June 4, 2011

What I Did 365 - Day 208

Vegemite on fresh white ploughman's bread. One of life's greatest delights. Sigh. Grocery shopping today meant coming home with the freshest of fresh breads, and after prepping a pot of chicken stock and leaving it bubbling away on the stove (oh, the smell. Heaven.) I attacked that bread and smothered it with olive oil spread and vegemite. I can't believe the majority of Americans don't love vegemite. In fact, I swear I heard a rumour that it's now an illegal substance in the US!? Odd. Even my half-American half-Australian husband can't stand vegemite, which means all the more for me in our little household. Yum. I love vegemite. It's super duper. And now I'm craving it again... Om nom nom.

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