Saturday, June 4, 2011

What I Did 365 - Day 203

...and this is where things got exciting!!!! On Monday, while I answered phones and sent emails at work, things were happening at home. Biiiiig things. Our kitchen installation guy was earning his money!!!! Chris sent me some amazing progress pictures, but he wanted me to get home and see the finished product for myself. I walked in the front door, he took my handbag and then held his hands in front of my eyes as he guided me into the kitchen. And... wow. It was just a whole new room. A fantastic, massive room - filled with loads of storage, miles of bench space, and shiny new appliances. It was so strange, seeing all our months of planning and purchasing come together! Seriously cool. It didn't even feel like our house - it felt like I was standing in a freaking Ikea showroom! Haha. It's Saturday now, and I'm still not use to it yet! But I love it.
I naturally wanted to get straight into shifting our things out of boxes and into cupboards, but most of the cupboards were out of action because the electrical installation for the appliances was happening the next day. But I did get to load up the cutlery drawer! Yay!

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