Saturday, June 4, 2011

What I Did 365 - Day 204

 And finally, some evidence! I'll do a proper 'before and after' post at some point when it's all completely finished, but for now this will have to do. So this is half of my kitchen - complete sexy, right? Sometimes when I walk past, I end up just stopping and staring. Thank goodness kitchens don't have legal rights. You can perv for as long as you want without upsetting anyone. There's still some work to do - namely the splash back! No, I don't want the crumbling concrete backdrop that we're currently sporting, as rustic as it is. Anyway. On Tuesday everything was installed and ready to use. My parents had dinner with us, and we even heated up the lasagne that my Mum made, as well as the garlic bread, in our actual oven!!!! I officially have a functioning kitchen - I'm a very happy girl. Very happy indeed.

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