Monday, June 27, 2011

What I Did 365 - Day 216

Besties and floating teacups... how could a Sunday be more perfect?? After Paradox, Kat and I raced to pick up Hatti and then we headed into Claremont for an afternoon of chilling and eating. We are so, so good at those things! We hit up the new Grill'd in Claremont (we're nothing if not original in our food choices) and then sat at Koko Black sipping hot chocolates and forcing down decadent mouthfuls of chocolatey desserts. Wow. I have to get back there soon! It was a really really really really excellent afternoon... Our friendship is built on honesty and accountability, that's for sure! Sometimes we have fun together, and I'm like *happy sigh* "I LOVE those girls!" And then sometimes we catch up and I just come away going "I freaking freaking freaking LOVE THOSE GIRLS." I've said it before, and I'll say it again - I am so incredibly blessed to have these two. I think everyone needs that couple of friends that they just connect to so deeply that it's impossible to even fathom a future without them. For all of our differences and quirks, we need each other. How great is that??

On another exciting note, I successfully parallel parked, basically for the first time ever that afternoon! Uh-mazing!

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  1. And I love you. And also, I can vouch for your parallel parking - AMAZING! First time, nailed it!