Saturday, June 4, 2011

What I Did 365 - Day 206

Have I mentioned lately that I have a brand new kitchen? Ha. Despite my fear of growing tiresome, I've opted to post yet another kitchen-related story. On Thursday night we went out to Ikea and picked up our new dining table and chairs (oh how I can't wait to assemble them!) We made it home in record time, which was lucky because I desperately needed to bake, for two reasons:
a) I had a work BBQ the next day and wanted to contribute something yummy and sweet
b) I seriously missed baking sooooo much! (I hadn't baked in months because my old oven door was broken and didn't seal properly. Despite the copious amounts of gaffer tape we tried to secure it with.)
Excellent excellent reasons, no? I pulled out my/Bakerella's trusty old Cowgirl Cookie recipe, and away I went! It was so much fun, and so very satisfying that for the first time since moving out of home, I could set the oven temperature to the temperature recommended by the recipe (previously I've always had to go 20 degrees higher to account for my dodgy old oven) AND the cookies were baked in the exact amount of time that the recipe said they would be (rather than double the time, another little quirk of my dodgy old oven)! They were super yummy cookies too - my work friends loved them, and I feel like I should probably bake for them a lot more often!

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