Thursday, April 14, 2011

What I Did 365 - Day 91

Ach. There are some days where I'm pretty proud of my iPhone's photo-taking abilities, and some days where I cringe and go "Why would I put this on my blog?" And yet here we are with a really ghastly representation of the highlight of Day 91 (and many other days, for that matter!) How I Met Your Mother is our lazy-bones pleasure. We've watched every season soooo many times, and yet it never grows old on us. It's like a blanket of fun AND comfort at the same time. If I ever moved to New York, I would want these people as my friends. Some weeks just get so crazy that when we get a night off to ourselves, we go into a state of total ecstatic-ness at the thought of feasting up on comfort food and watching this, our very favourite show. Happy sigh.

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