Thursday, April 7, 2011

What I Did 365 - Day 66

This was Christmas dinner, and it was perfect. Christmas day was huge - we got up early and one flat tyre later, trekked out to Medina Hall for the Community Breakfast. Wow, what an amazing morning. The people who came just seemed to have such a great time - there were smiles all around, and uber joy when we were able to offer leftover food (cartons of eggs, loaves of bread, etc) to people as they were leaving. I was in the servery and Chris was seating people. We were able to give Christmas presents to all the kids who came, and the place just looked incredible. Yay. About now I'm going to admit that I wanted today's photo to be of this event, except I left my phone at home. Dang.

So after breakfast, Chris and I headed home and we napped. Yep, couple of oldies right here!!! Next stop was Chris's family's Christmas lunch - brisket, rolls, potato salad and baked beans. Yum! We watched a couple of Christmas movies and then headed home for our very own little Christmas. Honestly, I hope this becomes a new tradition of ours!!! We opened the gifts that we got each other - Chris way out-did me in picking amazing gifts! I was totally spoilt - I got a deep fryer (oh. gosh.), a Master Chef magazine subscription (yeeeee!!), a Hamish and Andy DVD (loveee them) and... a pasta maker! Which totally made my day! And it's red!!! After the presents, we just hung out, giggled at the dogs attacking their loosely wrapped Christmas presents, and had tacos for dinner. It was the best way to end the crazy two days of Christmas. And now I've written half a novel so I'm going to leave it there!

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