Thursday, April 7, 2011

What I Did 365 - Day 60

Sunday night was a night that I have been looking forward to for at least 2-3 months... bestie Christmas dinner! Last year Kat, Hatti and I started the tradition of doing a big Christmas dinner together (any husbands/man-friends included)! I've been planning what to cook for about 2 months. I wrote out my grocery list a week in advance. I wrote out a time plan for the entire weekend, in order to know that I'd definitely get everything done in time. I LOVE this event! The entire weekend was a blur of cooking and cleaning, and at 6.30 on Sunday night we had a table filled with food!! So what was on the menu? Between us we had roast turkey, beautiful roast vegetables, slow-roasted pesto lamb, the most amazing roast potatoes on the PLANET, bread sticks (garlic, chilli cheese, rosemary & sea salt, cheesey garlic), pesto pasta with garlic bread crumbs, and stuffed mushrooms. For dessert we had pecan pie, white chocolate & champage truffles, a chocolate mousse log (ohmygooeygoodness) and everyone's favourite candied pecans! Wow, massive food coma after that! It was such a fun night - we sat under the patio and it RAINED which was pretty magical. We played Uno, popped christmas crackers and wrote out a bunch of hopes for 2011. I had such a happy heart at the end of it. This is what Christmas should be!!

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