Monday, April 18, 2011

What I Did 365 - Day 101

I know what you're thinking. Klara is trying to use another adorable stray kitten photo that she clearly took last week. It's only natural that you would think that - after all, who comes into contact with 2 batches of sweet stray kitties, 2 weekends in a row? Well, apparently I do. During our weekly Sunday Paradox gathering, one of the girls heard some strange noises coming from behind the building. She investigated, and found 5 tiny little baby kittens, dehydrated and lethargic in the scorching sun. They were so tiny and young - the girls were filling latex gloves with milk and water (vet's suggestion) and cutting little holes in the fingers tips for the kitties to suckle. Poor sweet little things. My friends Aimee and Rachael took them home and cared for them amazingly, and then my Dad took them to the shelter - the best place for them.

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