Monday, April 18, 2011

What I Did 365 - Day 114

I have a weird obsession with red velvet cake. I love that most people I know haven't heard of it. I love that it's traditionally iced with a cream cheese icing. Mostly I just love that it's red. It's quite a site to cut into a pretty white cake and be faced with bright red innards! My only real issue is that although I've made a few red velvet cakes in my time, I've never really found that recipe that clicks, you know? On the Sunday before Valentines Day we put a surprise birthday party on for Paul, a really great guy who is part of Paradox (along with his beautiful wife Sue and grandson Michael). I love surprise parties! I think that throwing a surprise party for someone is a huge show of love. I volunteered to make the cake and decided to try Bakerella's Red Velvet Cake. WOW. I'm in love! It is such a simple recipe and it turned out perfectly. My only downfall was the heat - my icing was melting all over the place, and transporting it from my house to Kat's (where the party was) was a trying and stressful 4 minutes! In fact the top layer slipped off as I walked in the door and if not for Aimee's quick reflexes, it would have landed on the floor. Eeeeeeppp!!

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