Thursday, April 14, 2011

What I Did 365 - Day 80

Day 80 was a Sunday, and marked Day 1 of my wonderful and epic BIRTHDAY WEEK! We had planned a family dinner at Hogs Breath for the evening, but at the last minute my Mum and Dad had to tend to some urgent family stuff, so it just ended up being my sisters, Chris, Hannah's new man Julius (who I was so excited to finally meet!) and of course me. Wanting to get back to my parents, we ate dinner quickly and then all 5 of us squeezed into my car to make the journey to their place. We hung out as a family for a little while, and then Chris and I had to head home - but not before I received my birthday balloon! Inspired by my recent corn-growing adventures, my family picked out a corn balloon! It made me laugh, and it still does every time I look at it. It's our family tradition to give a helium balloon to each other on our birthdays, and it's become fun picking out weird ones for my sisters over the years!

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