Thursday, April 7, 2011

What I Did 365 - Day 61

Wow! Triple wammy! I know the project is supposed to be 1 photo each day but quite frankly I couldn't resist!! Plus I've skipped 2 days over the last couple of months, so I'm now considering myself caught up ;)
Monday night was another super great Christmas tradition: each year, just before Christmas, we get together with a few other families that I've grown up with and have a big dinner, catch-up, and most importantly... a Kris Kringle present swap!! The present swap is SO MUCH FUN. Everyone contributes one gift, up to the value of $5, and we all pick a number and take turns either unwrapping or stealing each other's gifts - the idea is that at the end everyone walks away with one gift. There have been some classics over the years; a pack of toilet paper, a West Coast Eagles cup, an Elvis poster, a box of Willie Wyps... This year the favourite seemed to be a pack of ridiculously long straws. The photos above are of my too-cute sisters modelling a few different items from the epic game, and also our friends Clare (Mum) and Katie (daughter) wearing some pretty good looking animal noses! Clare and her husband Jeff hosted the event (as they often do!) and have the most gorgeous, Christmassy house! Love it!

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