Monday, January 3, 2011

What I Did 365 - Day 48

This here is the face of the sneakiest man in town!! Yesterday (Monday) happened to be our second wedding anniversary, and also his 25th birthday. At 7.30am, Chris 'left for work', in his uniform and everything. An hour later, I left for work... and Chris sneakily came home. It turns out he took the day off to clean the house! At 1pm he completely took me by surprise by showing up at my work with a bunch of flowers and lunch for the two of us!! Nawwwww. It was such a lovely day. After work, we headed into Subiaco for drinks at the Subiaco Hotel (peach bellini for me! Yum!) and dinner at Hippo Creek. Oh, wow. We were Hippo Creek first-timers and had the Assaghai - basically big chunks of beef hanging on a skewer over a bowl of fries, with a little plate of garlic butter dripping all over everything from above. Soooo good. I felt a little man-ish getting so psyched over meat, but there you go. Good food, good day. Can it be our anniversary more often??

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