Sunday, January 2, 2011

What I Did 365 - Day 16

I feel kind of slack and dodgy today! This morning I planned to hit the beach before work, and I'm still wishing that I had. Instead I slept in, got up extremely groggy and, after eating a very plain breakfast of margarine on toast, I decided to attempt to read a book on our beautiful little day bed. Great plan, except that the moment my butt hit that cheap Ikea mattress, I had two insane puppies smearing themselves all over me and licking every part of me they could find!!! Not the best environment to be reading in! So what was meant to be cozy reading time ended up being sloppy play time! Luckily they conked out eventually, hence the sleepy-faced picture of Cupcake! But by that stage it was time to get dressed and get my work head on. Sigh. Crazy boys!

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