Sunday, January 2, 2011

What I Did 365 - Day 24

Yesterday was Friday. Normally on Fridays I meet Aimee before work, but she's been having such a mad week that we just couldn't do it this week. Not a problem at all! I relished the opportunity for a sleep-in! After a quick breakfast, I set to work decorating Chester (our Christmas tree). Amazingly, I actually got the job done within about an hour! Before heading out to work, I did my daily potter around and garden, and to my DELIGHT... my asiatic lilly had finally opened its first stunning flower! Yay! I bought this plant for $5 at the supermarket on a whim one day about six month ago. I planted it, and it never grew. Within a few weeks it was dead, so I pulled it up and threw it out. Over the Winter though, a brand new one grew, completely unexpectedly, in its place!! This one is a fast grower, and so beautiful. Love it when things turn out well in my garden!

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