Sunday, January 2, 2011

What I Did 365 - Day 21

Love!!! Today I acquired this little beauty! Chris and I first spotted this lovely buffet on Saturday's thrifting date - but it was already on hold for someone else. Boo hoo! We put our names down for a 'second hold' in case the first fell through... and after three days of nervous waiting and many crossed fingers, we got the call that made me a very happy girl indeed!! It's exactly what I've been searching for, and it's in amazing condition - just a couple of dings in the top and some magnets in the doors that need replacing. I'm pretty smitten with the dark honey colour, and the cute little ornamental backboard. I can't wait to clean it up and use it!! The husband really should watch out though... I feel a new 'thrifted furniture' addiction coming on....!

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