Sunday, January 2, 2011

What I Did 365 - Day 28

(Sepia for nostalgic purposes). Oh. My goodness. This guy is 2 years old today!!! We adopted Dog and his little bro Cupcake in February 2009, when on a whim we decided to race out to a petshop and satisfy the puppy cravings we'd been having since getting married a couple of months prior. Dog has been a complete surprise - I always had an idea of what a blue heeler would be like, and I did some google research too after purchasing him, but he does not live by the blue heeler book. He loves snuggles and attention, he's gentle (except when he's launching his full 20kg of body weight onto our stomachs!) and he's completely patient with Cupcake bossing him around. I know not all people are dog people, but there are moments when Dog bounds up to me, his tail wagging in a full circle (helicopter style!) that I judge those people. Yerp. Anyway, happy birthday big guy!!!

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