Sunday, January 2, 2011

What I Did 365 - Day 23

Hey look, it's Chris milling around in our big, beautiful kitchen! Ha. I wish. Last night we went to Ikea. We have fun looking at the displays, imagining which pieces of furniture are on our 'someday' list... but last night we also happened to have some of our tax return in our wallets! We've been working on a slow kitchen renovation over the last year - saving and purchasing, saving and purchasing. Last night we had one of their team members price up the remaining items and we realised we could finally afford to buy the last pieces! It was a mad rush to get it all before they closed but at about 9.20pm, trolleys in hand, we headed down to the loading zone only to find that there was NO WAY IN HECK our bench top was going to fit in, on or around Chris's truck. Also, probably try and avoid having a trainee price up your kitchen for you, or like us you might end up with less cupboard doors and door knobs than you were hoping for... Oh well.

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