Sunday, January 2, 2011

What I Did 365 - Day 22

This morning before work I broke an agreement with my husband. I made this horrible deal with him that I would not decorate for Christmas until December 1st. Last year I abided by the deal, mostly because the year before I put up the tree and even had presents under it in September *blush*. I kinda love Christmas. I'm kinda nuts about it. I've been testing the waters at home by singing Christmas songs while I do chores, and I've taken some verbal beatings for this. But... this morning I decided that if I just pull out all that Christmassy goodness I've been storing away, it's not like he'll put it all away again... right? Well here's hoping!! By the way, the adorable little houses and tree above came from The Little Red Door. I was lucky enough to snag the set on sale after Christmas last year!

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