Thursday, October 13, 2011

What I Did 365 - Day 260

They ain't pretty, but they're one of the greatest comfort foods out! On the Tuesday we headed home from Margaret River, stopping only to pick up a new shower head at Bunnings (thanks to our old one snapping off in Chris's hands moments before we left for our holiday down south!) and a small handful of groceries at Woolworths. Our meal requirements for the evening were:
1. Something delicious
2. Something comforting (after our long, harrowing road trip)
3. Something easy
Parmesan and parsley-crumbed lamb chops ticked all three requirements, and so while Chris got things in order around the house, I spent 20 minutes crumbing, cooking and salad making, and... voila! Delicious meal! We both adore lamb, so it was the perfect post-holiday meal.

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